Statement of Solidarity from Afrique-Europe-Interact to the Hungerstrike of Refugees and Migrants in Greece

Bamako, 25th of January 2010

To the assembly of migrant hunger strikers

Today, simultaneously with your struggle for legalization in Greece we start a protest-caravan for freedom of movement and fair development in Westafrica.

You described the risks of flight and migration to Europe due to poverty and unemployment, to wars and dictatorships, and due to the oppression of the multinational companies and their political servants. Those are exactly the unjust realities in Africa, which we tackle and criticize with our caravan.
You fight against the EU-border regime and the modern apartheid – as we do the same!
You fight against exploitation and scapegoating and you demand equal rights – as we do the same!

We will bring these common demands from Bamako during our two weeks-tour through Westafrica and afterwords to the World Social Forum in Dakar. And we will – if necessary – promote your struggle in Dakar again and call for more transnational solidarity.

The network Afrique-Europe-Interact wishes you strength and success in your resistance.