Leipzig: Protest in Solidarity with the hungerstrike of the 300

On the international Day of action in solidarity with the hungerstrike of
the 300 in Greece about 40 people gathered in the city center of Leipzig,
showing their solidarity with banners,  slogans and speeches. The
Activists informed citizens via leaflets about the situation in Greece,
about the brave struggle of the 300 and the injusitce of catogorizing
people in “legal” and “illegal”.

After some time the group moved towards the greek consulate. The consul
was informed about the protest. And so what the activists found was a
letter on the door saying that the consulate was closed.
Disregarding this about 20 Activists entered the embassy succesfully and
handed a letter to the consul. The letter mentioned the activists
solidarity with the hungerstrike of the 300 and called for immediate
legalization of those who are categorized “illegal”.
Instead of facing an honest discussion, the consul just smiled and
repeatedly said stupid things…
The Activists stayed for a while in front of the embassy, reading out the
appeal of the 300 and chanted slogans in support of the brave struggle and
the determination of the 300.