Critical moments for the 300 hunger strikers. Demo on March 4th, 18:00

Critical moments for the 300 migrants hunger strikers in Athens and Thessaloniki on their 38th day of hunger strike.100 of them are already hospitalized while the government waits for the first deaths. Tomorrow a demonstration is called by people in solidarity in Athens while many solidarity actions, state building occupations, TV and radio stations interventions and demonstrations are taking place nationwide.


Solidarity Initiative for the 300 hunger strikers in response to their proposal, is calling for a solidarity demonstration on Friday, March 4th (Archaeological Museum, Athens at 18:00).

“While 100 hunger strikers are in hospitals of Athens and Thessaloniki (Wednesday evening), the government attempts to support its politically stale intransigence with the only weapons that are left: lies and slander. Futile effort though. This “state that is trying to triumph with an endless screech” is presented weak in front of the spirit and ethos of the 300 hunger strikers, who are struggling with the core of existence that always remains inalienable from power as their only weapon.

Every day that passes, the political gesture of migrants hunger strikers have more and more recipients. More and more people understand that this struggle that is going on for 38 days now in Hypatia (building in central Athens), Thessaloniki’s Labor Center and hospitals, is not just a struggle against the apartheid that foreign workers suffer. It is a struggle of all workers against the organized misery that strangles the present and plunders the future.

It remains now for the government to take the decisions. Either to accept the obvious or to take its own position in the book of ferocity.

Athens 03/03/2011
Solidarity Initiative to the 300 migrants on hunger strike”