Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers

To the Assembly of '300' migrant workers on hunger strike

Solidarity greetings in support of your struggle for legalisation in Athens
and in Thessaloniki. Migrant workers all over the world are being blamed for
the crisis of capitalism. In London, last month 72 ancillary workers, all
migrants, disappeared from Guy¹s and St Thomas¹ hospitals. Where did they
disappear to? The economic crisis means their cheap labour is not as useful
anymore. So the UK Border Agency was called in to get rid of them. The NHS
trust complied. The workers were either arrested or deported.

We call for solidarity with the disappeared, with all migrants, with all
workers, on Friday 18th February 5pm to 7pm outside St Thomas main entrance
(Westminster Bridge Road London SE1 7EH). Called by the Cleaners Defence
Committee, No One Is Illegal, Hands off my Workmate, Latin American Workers¹

Greetings from
Jane Kelly
Chair, Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers